Our  CRM is a easy-to-deploy web-enabled software solution that allows retail and hospitality chains to run Loyalty Programs across an enterprise. 

Our CRM -  features:

  1. Bullet Web-enabled software

  2. Bullet Scalable and robust

  3. Bullet Secure – access control with levels of access defined for various users

  4. Bullet Parameterized software with user-manageable masters

  5. Bullet Customer data capturing – customizable data entry form

  1. Bullet Reminders / Alerts – Birthday / Anniversaries / Customer follow-up

  2. Bullet Search / report generation – various filters available. Customer segmentation is possible based on various demographical parameters.

  3. Bullet Bulk mailing/emailing – to all customers in the database or to a target customer segment

  4. Bullet Campaign management - to all customers in the database or to a target customer segment

  1. Bullet Loyalty program – offering multiple schemes to customers

  2. Bullet Upgrade from a lower scheme to a higher scheme – automatic and manual (for e.g. Silver to Gold Card.)

  3. Bullet Software can be scaled to a multi-location scenario

  4. Bullet Online redemption of loyalty points against discounts on future purchases / gift vouchers etc.

  1. Bullet Management of Loyalty cards

  2. Bullet Issue of temporary card

  3. BulletIssue of permanent card and despatch

  4. BulletCard renewal

  5. BulletCard loss – blocking of card and issue of a new card

  6. BulletDecision support systems – analysis of customer spend / visit patterns

  7. BulletTracking customer purchase history

  1. BulletDetailed analysis of customer purchase preferences, division-wise purchase – (if integrated with PoS)

  2. Bullet Integration with card reader

  3. Bullet Integration with existing PoS

  4. Bullet Import feature from other databases / spreadsheet